IKEA - FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier [UNBOX + SOUND] Gadgets

FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier from IKEA

0:00 Package
0:34 Setting Up
1:15 Sound Test (close)
1:39 Sound Test (1.5m / 5 feet)

An affordable option in the world of Air Purifiers ($89 AU / $55 US), with a minimalistic look that will fit in most rooms.

Quick Review: Generally leaving it on Level 1 (inaudible) is enough to have the air flow around my room (4m x 5m). Level 2 is acceptable when watching TV. Level 3 can be quite loud and you would only use to quickly filter the room before lowering it back down to 2 or 1.

Build quality is good for the price with both filters fitting in snug. I live in Australia and the air quality is generally clear (occasional bush fire/back burning which creates smoke).

Box includes 1 x HEPA 12 filter (filters approx 99.95% of airborne particles down to 2.5 um) Replacements will set you back $10 AU / $5.50 US

We also bought the Carbon Filter (for odours from cooking/smoke) $16 AU / $10 US

(source: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/rooms/living-room/how-to/how-to-use-the-foernuftig-air-purifier-pub0a9e8710)

MUSIC Credit: WYS – Snowman
🎵 Music by WYS

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