I tried daily harvest for a week $$$ | honest review..(not sponsored)

I tried daily harvest for a week $$$ | honest review..(not sponsored) Gadgets

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I plan my meals all the time because I waste less food and know when my next meal is. Planning food feels like a job to me sometimes so Daily Harvest was a good way to cut down on my meal prepping time. I tried a lot of new things I’ve never tried before and it added a lot of new nutrients in my diet that I’ll continue implementing into my future meals! 🍵

All these ingredients would be expensive to find individually and being only one person that’s eating it, probably everything would expire by the time I have to prepare it all and eat. I was excited when I found Daily Harvest and ordered things I thought I would like! It is a quick, easy and healthy way to have a small meal, it shows up at your house and you just add a liquid base, and you’re ready to go! 🥑🍍🍉🍌

Here is my experience & a Daily Harvest honest review. Watch the full video to find out tips from me and if I liked it, hated it, or loved it! 🥥🍋🍐

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*I use ACV for bloating, but there are MANY other benefits to it, check out the site to read up on all it’s benefits!*

✅Biodegradable Grass Straws & Bamboo Straws (one time use and reusable!): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08135XB3Q

Have you tried Daily Harvest smoothies, bowls, soups, or bites? I’d love to hear what you thought down in the comments!
But really, let me know, and what your favorite or most disliked flavors are! ☺️🤍✨

Love you all!! 🥺🤍🕊

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