Hp Star Wars Laptop Reviews – HP Star Wars Special Edition laptop, Unboxing EP 2

Hp Star Wars Laptop Reviews - HP Star Wars Special Edition laptop, Unboxing EP 2 Gadgets

Hp Star Wars Laptop Reviews – 3 Tips

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Benchmarks Start Time, 5:00
Benchmark Results Time, 6:23

My PC Scored a Total of 3702.6 In the Real World Performance Test,
The Star Wars Laptop Scored a Total of 2475.3 In the real world Performance Test.

PC Specs,
Core i7 6500U
Nvidia Geforce GT 940M
8GB ram 1600 MHz Ultra low Voltage Expandable to 16GB
1 TB HDD 5400 RPM
1920x1080P HD Display with anti glare matt coating
LED Backlit Red Vader Keyboard.
Optical DVD Drive

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My PC Specs
Intel Core i3 4360 3.7 GHz
8GB Ram
600W PSU 80 plus by EVGA
Asus GTX 960 Strix 2GB
MSI Gaming 5 Motherboard
1TB x2 SSD Crucial M550 In raid 0
1 GB PS Internet connection with a cat 6 Cable Connector.

My Gaming Equipment,
Gaming Mouse Corsair M65 RGB Backlit
RazerBlade Gaming Keyboard, The Death Stalker
RazerBlade Gaming Headset Kroma 7.1 Surround Sound LED BL
Asus Gaming Monitor 1600×900 100hz
Snow Ball Blue, Mic

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