How Many Calories in a Daily Harvest Smoothie [Review] – 2020

How Many Calories in a Daily Harvest Smoothie [Review] - 2020 Gadgets

21 Day smoothie challenge [Worth a try] –

In this video we do a thorough investigation of the various calories found in the Daily Harvest range of smoothies.

These include the 16 flavours listed below:
1. Chocolate and Blueberry
2. Acai + Cherry
3. Strawberry + Peach
4. Mint + Cacao
5. Mango + Papaya
6. Banana + Greens
7. Tart Cherry + Raspberry
8. Pineapple + Matcha
9. Cherry + Almond
10. Mango + Greens
11. Ginger + Greens
12. Cold Brew + Almond
13. Cacao + Avocado
14. Cold Brew + Cacao
15. Cucumber + Greens
16. Black Sesame + Banana

In the video we also reveal the smoothie recipe, with the lowest calorific intake.
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