Horizon T202 Treadmill Review: An Honest Review

Horizon T202 Treadmill Review: An Honest Review Gadgets

Horizon T202 Treadmill Review: An Honest Review. Welcome to our review of the Horizon T202 Treadmill.

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Horizon T202 Treadmill Overview
Coming second in line in the T series, the Horizon T202 is a slight step up from the T101, still under $1000. For a low-range treadmill, the T202 offers you convenience, control, and comfort in your workout. Thanks to its compact and foldable nature, the treadmill saves on space and the FeatherLight lift system makes it easier to fold it up when done working out. The Horizon T202 also comes with preloaded program options that improve your workout by adding variety and challenge. With the variable response cushioning offered by the T202, you get extra comfort and support for your joints, as it works in response to your natural strides. The 60″ inch deck surface also accommodates longer strides, so, as a tall individual, you will not be disadvantaged. The LED multi-window display on Horizon T202, also shows you your workout stats during each training, so you can easily keep track of your progress and stay motivated. Other add-on features that make the T202 even better are a cooling fan system and in-built speakers to keep you cool and entertained as you work out.

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