Eton Dress Shirts: Are They Worth It? – Men's Luxury Dress Shirt Review

Eton Dress Shirts: Are They Worth It? - Men's Luxury Dress Shirt Review Gadgets

We take a look at popular Swedish dress shirt brand Eton, their history, and how they’re made, to determine if they’re worth your money:

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→ Script: Tyler Domecq & Sven Raphael Schneider
→ Camera: Chris Dummer
→ Editing: Jonathan Oster
→ Eton

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00:00 Introduction

Within the realm of dress shirts, Eton is widely regarded as the bridge between high-end shirtmakers like 100 Hands and mass-produced retail chains like Banana Republic, J Crew or Charles Tyrwhitt.

Their trendier cuts and style detailing on most their shirts, like spread collars, bold and classic fabrics, non-iron treatments, and use of pattern under the collar and cuffs, have made them especially popular with young office professionals in England and around the world.

02:25 History

A Closer Look At Eton Shirts
Eton has claimed in the past that they make the best dress shirts in the world, so of course, you want to know, is that actually true? So what do you, as a consumer, actually get in terms of materials, construction, fit, and details when you buy an Eton shirt?

05:06 1. Fabric
08:12 2. Construction
10:32 3. Types of Shirts
10:50 4. Manufacturing
11:40 5. Fit

14:26 Are You Getting a Good Value For Your Money?
Overall, Eton puts out a high-quality product. You get high-quality fabrics, lots of collar options, fabric, style, and fit options. The workmanship is neat, the buttons don’t come off, the shirts last and the organic wrinkle-resistant treatment is great, particularly if you travel a lot

On the flip side, The buttons feel a bit cheap, the collar stays are not removable, and there is no handwork or hand stitching on the shirt, which is something you will find from companies like 100 Hands, Borrelli, Attolini or Finamore.

16:10 What Does All This Mean for You as a Customer?

17:30 Is It Really Worth It?
There are many other dress shirts and each and everyone has different needs and desires. If you want the ultimate amount of workmanship, they’re definitely not the best shirt. If you want the perfect fit, they’re definitely not the best shirt. If you want the best non-iron or wrinkle-resistant shirt, I think they are probably the best shirt you can buy in the market.

Eton does have sales where you can get shirts at 40 to 50% off, and obviously, they become a much better value then. Still, apart from my non-iron shirts even at 50% off, I would rather go with an online made-to-measure company so you can get exactly what I want with a better fit at a lower price. If you’re on a really tight budget, you can find Eton shirts for relatively low prices in good shape on eBay still.

19:51 Outfit Rundown

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