Casper Mattress Review (2020 Update) – Is It Better Than Before?

Casper Mattress Review (2020 Update) - Is It Better Than Before? Gadgets

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If you’ve been browsing through beds online, you’ve likely stumbled upon the #Casper brand. It’s one of the most popular ones on the market and features a vast array of different mattresses. In this review, I’m going to be looking specifically at the Casper 2020 update, which is the latest iteration of the brand’s original mattress.

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0:00 Casper Mattress Introduction
0:30 What does the Casper mattress feel like?
2:42 What is the Casper mattress made of?
4:03 Testing the Casper mattress
7:06 Casper vs Purple mattress
7:58 Casper vs Nectar mattress
9:01 Casper vs Casper Nova Hybrid mattress
9:23 Casper vs Casper Wave Hybrid mattress
9:55 Should you buy a Casper mattress?
10:35 Casper mattress complaints
11:24 Casper company policies
11:57 Are Casper mattresses any good?
12:23 How much does the Casper mattress cost?
12:42 Do you need a box spring with the Casper mattress?

Since its launch in 2014, Casper has grown into one of the most well-known bedding brands on the market, period. It sells three different #mattresses, three different pillows, bed frames, bedding, sleep accessories, and more, marking it as a one-stop shop for all things related to cozy slumber.

While I won’t be getting into all of these products today, I will take some time later on to compare the Original Casper to its mattress siblings, the Casper Nova Hybrid and Casper Wave Hybrid. I’ll also size up the Casper against two of its biggest competitors in the space: the Purple and Nectar mattresses.

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