Birch Mattress Review (2021) by

Birch Mattress Review (2021) by Gadgets

GoodBed’s in-depth review of the certified-organic Birch Living mattress from Helix…

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Click on the times in the chapter headings below to jump to the sections of this video that interest you most.

Time Chapter
0:00 Introduction and GoodBed Review Methodology
1:18 Back Support
3:23 Pressure Relief
4:25 Softness
5:41 Cushioning Depth
7:25 Memory Feel
7:47 Bounce
8:36 Motion Isolation
9:20 Temperature
11:20 Edge Support
12:13 Ease of Repositioning
12:50 Natural Materials and Certifications
17:16 Adjustable Base Compatibility
19:10 Delivery, Returns & Warranty
22:13 Materials & Construction
24:45 Price and Value
27:23 Summary

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