Best Foldable Treadmill Under $300 | UREVO Treadmill Review + Peloton App Running Experience

Best Foldable Treadmill Under $300 | UREVO Treadmill Review + Peloton App Running Experience Gadgets

The home fitness market in 2020 has really been thriving as quite a few of us seek convenient cardio solutions that we love and don’t break the bank. I know on my channel I have been predominantly talking about indoor cycling bikes as their footprint tends to be small (on average of 4’ x 2’) and they can be purchased for as little as $150. But we mustn’t forget the most original form of cardio… walking/jogging/running. In the past, most treadmills tended to be pricey, bulky, loud, and obtrusive in a home if you don’t have the luxury of a separate workout room… which let’s be honest… how many of us do? So, if you are looking for an affordable, compact, relatively light weight treadmill that can be stored under a couch or bed when not in use… keep on watching.

UREVO Foldable Treadmill

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– Retails for $359 on Amazon but has a $60 off code, bringing it to $299. Available in 2 colors, black and white
– Has an easy folding mechanism and soft drop design. When folded, dimensions are 55.2” x 27.8” x 5.1”
– 75 lbs, 2.5 peak HP motor providing speeds of 1-12 km/hr, supports up to 260 lbs.
– 16.5” wide anti-slip belt
– There are 12 pre-set training programs
– LCD displays time, distance, speed, calories burned


– First thing to note, you must have the magnetic safety strap in place or else the machine won’t turn on
– There are no incline functions on this, but I found you can still break a decent sweat with a jog on this.
– The platform tray isn’t the most sturdy, aka I wouldn’t be putting my laptop on it, but the phone holder function is nice and you can still stream workout videos from that.
– I’ve streamed a few of the Peloton running workout videos and while I can adjust the speed to match the instructor, I can’t adjust the incline, but I still get a better workout following a video versus trying to simply motivate myself.

– The price seems affordable for a cardio machine that suits a wide range of fitness levels. For example, for those starting a new fitness routine, you can begin with walking workouts and build up to jogs
– The compact size is convenient especially if you don’t have the luxury of a separate workout room. For example, I have my treadmill in the master bedroom along with my Peloton.
– Relatively quiet, not as silent as the Peloton, but not as loud as say a rowing machine.
– Can be tucked away for future use
– Light enough that 2 people can easily move it together (if you aren’t rolling it with the two wheels on the front end)

– If this is part of your daily routine, perhaps you would want to invest in a more heavy-duty machine (or one that has an incline function). I intend to wait until Peloton releases their new Tread (estimated release date in 2021)
– The tray table isn’t the most sturdy, so say if you are really breaking a sweat and you want something to support your weight as you heavily lean on it, OR if you forget that it isn’t the most sturdy, you don’t want it to snap forward.
– The safety strap feels quite flimsy, but it does do the job.

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