Best Air Purifier Review

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The Winix 5300-2 is the best air purifier. See it on Amazon:

0:13 – What is an air purifier?
0:57 – Features to consider
1:32 – Choosing the right size
2:30 – How we tested
4:12 – Our #1 pick
6:04 – The runner up
7:05 – The quiet pick
7:47 – Other tested products

We spent three weeks researching and testing each air purifier by measuring its noise levels, cleaning speed, power efficiency, and the effectiveness of its filters. We also took a look at the filter replacement cost for each purifier.

Our picks for the best air purifier:
1. Winix 5300-2:
2. Coway – AP-1512HH:
3. Honeywell – HPA200:

When purchasing an air purifier, the top features to consider are:
• Types of air cleaning
• Noise and energy efficiency
• Cost

After testing, we found that Winix 5300-2 is the best air purifier. Learn more here:

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