Amazon Goodthreads Try-On and Review (What to Buy, What to Avoid)

Amazon Goodthreads Try-On and Review (What to Buy, What to Avoid) Gadgets

Goodthreads is one of Amazon’s in-house menswear labels. It’s a step above Amazon Essentials in terms of quality (and price), but it’s more casual than their dressier Buttoned Down line.

Is Amazon Goodthreads any good? How do the clothes fit? What’s the quality and aesthetic like? Who will these clothes fit? Are they any good for slim guys? Shorter guys? Bigger guys?

In this video, I’ll try on a bunch of different clothes from Goodthreads. I’ll tell you what to buy, what to avoid, and who this brand is for…and not for.

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I’m 5’6″ with shoes on and about 123 lbs after dinner. I have a 34″ chest; I usually wear XS tops and 28×28 pants (sometimes hemmed to 27″).

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