🏅 Best Air Purifiers for 2021 — Objective Data Based Analysis

🏅 Best Air Purifiers for 2021 — Objective Data Based Analysis Gadgets

We use a laser air quality measurement device to test PM2.5, PM10, & AQI to find the 13 best air purifiers for 2021.

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PDF Download of our Air Purifier Testing Data – https://moderncastle.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/best-air-purifier-data.pdf

Understanding Filter Types

The best air purifiers have multiple forms of filtration to tackle a range of airborne media, like:

HEPA air purifiers: HEPA filtration is the most popular type of air purifier on the market. These filters use an ultra-fine mesh to help filter out ultra-tiny particles, in some cases all the way down to 0.3 microns.

Activated carbon air purifiers: There are not many air purifiers that rely solely on activated carbon filters, but carbon purification is highly effective at helping to remove odors from your home. If odor-reducing features are your main aim, you’ll want to make sure you select a purifier with an activated carbon (charcoal) filter.

Ionic air purifiers: Ionic air purifiers (aka ionizer) use the power of negative-charged ions to attract to positively charged airborne particles in your room and sink them to the floor, where they can later be vacuumed up. Getting these particles out of the air is the first step in preventing airborne illnesses and the spread of germs.

PECO (photo-electrochemical oxidation) filters: This type of filtration is less common on the market, but not unseen. PECO technology is a form of filtration that uses light combined with a nano-coated filter to chemically destroy unwanted airborne particles. Those in favor of PECO technology claim that it may be more effective than HEPA because it destroys the particles, not just captures them.

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