Uber Review – Leave Your Wallet in Your Pocket or Purse

Uber is a large, large company with many, many drivers. They have seem to take over the need a car, taxi world tenfold. Which is crazy as they come across as the classy cab company, but they are cheaper more often than not.

I have used Uber about 30 times now and I think it is a great service. I haven’t had one complaint with a driver and the rides are generally nice. Even Jimmy Kimmel has been an Uber driver.

The one complaint I have would be that when scheduling to get picked up, the pin where they are suppose to pick you up could be different than the actual location you need, so that has messed the driver or myself up a few times. Now I am more aware.

Overall my experience has been good with Uber, I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a seamless ride without having to pull out their wallet.

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