7 Reasons Why You Should Customize Your Own Football Gloves

Why should you make your own football gloves?

Custom Football GlovesLike many players or individuals, you most-likely ask yourself this question. Reason being you want something that is more personal and unique. However, you may find the cost slightly higher than the normal glove. Or maybe you don’t know where to start, here is one place to find football glove reviews and additional information about football gloves. Truth is designing your own gloves for use in football comes with many benefits. In fact, if properly designed, you will not only see an improvement in your game but will also feel proud of yourself. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider custom-made football gloves:

1. Perfect Fit
Let’s face it; even the best football glove will come with some shortcomings. Maybe the material and design is perfect; however, you can’t seem to find the right color. Probably it is available in your favorite colors, but the available sizes are limited especially for your hand size. The best option in such instances is to design your own football gloves. You get to choose the type of material, the right size that suits your hand, your favorite colors and more. In fact, you will be more-certain that the final product will perfectly fit your hands as well as needs. No spending too much time searching for the perfect glove.

2. Personal Satisfaction
Though the gloves are aimed at improving your game as well as protecting your hands, many people also get attached to their gloves. They want people to remember or think of them when they come across the glove. Unfortunately, this is usually not possible with stock or mass produced gloves. Chances are you will own a glove that it’s quite similar to your teammate. Opting for personalized football gloves allows you to express yourself as an individual. The gloves become part of you and greatly influence your game. This is why some players will stick to a pair of old gloves despite being offered new ones, all in the name of personal attachment.

3. Standout from the Crowd
Human beings naturally want to standout from the crowd. They want to look unique so as to become more noticeable. This is why star football players will adorn brightly colored gloves or shoes that make them conspicuous. Custom football gloves can also have the same effect making you more noticeable. You have the privilege of choosing colors that are quite unique and can’t easily be found in the sportswear or retail shop. You can also make the glove more colorful by adding animations or graphics from your favorite characters. Being unique in the field increases your chances of being sighted and recognized.

4. Special Needs
If you have special needs, finding the right pair of gloves can be an uphill task. For instance, you may have skin that is sensitive to certain materials, or one of your hands may be larger or smaller than the other. You will also have issues if one of the fingers is too short or too long, or you have a missing finger. The best solution is such situations is to make your own football gloves. You will design it based on the need at hand, choose a material that is suitable for your skin, and also cover any flaws. Customizing the gloves has become much easier nowadays thanks to improved technology and growing popularity.

5. Motivational
Many players have someone they look up to or an inspirational figure. It may be a coach, mentor, or a person who played a vital role in the player’s life. Other players also believe in some inspirational quotes and will often quote them so as to build their morale and encourage themselves. When you design your own football gloves, you can include the quotes, encouraging messages, or even a picture of a person. The text will be located somewhere where it is easily visible and won’t affect the practicality of the glove. Regularly glancing at the inscription will boost your morale and motivate you to give your best while at the field.

6. Own It
When purchasing football gloves, many people don’t simply want a pair that fits their hands, but also want to own it. This entails feeling that the glove is central to their performance in the game, reflects who they are, and inspires them. It is rather hard to enjoy this feeling if everyone in the team owns a similar pair. In fact, you may accidentally wear someone else’s pair of gloves without knowing. This is one reason why many people are turning to personalized football gloves. In addition to the uniqueness, and bespoke design, you also pride on the fact that it is part of you and no one else.

7. Easy and Convenient
A few years ago, customizing football gloves was a costly, and time-consuming affair. A person had to make an order to limited firms and wait for sometime before the final product was delivered. The designs in the market were also limited hence the bespoke product would at times miss some features. However, this is not the case anymore. There are many online resources that allow you to own custom football gloves easily, conveniently, and without breaking the bank. All you need is simply going online, looking at the available designs, and following the simple steps. You can design the gloves from scratch or modify the existing templates. Everything is done online meaning that you will receive the custom-made gloves faster.

The above are some of the main advantages of designing your own custom football gloves. They are unique, make you standout, perfectly fit your hands, and allow you to individually express yourself. Furthermore, they give you more personal satisfaction, boost your motivation, and acquiring a pair has become much easier. There are many firms that deal with custom-made football gloves; however, the services and products will vary. To be assured of quality, reliability, uniqueness and optimal satisfaction, you should only engage reputable companies. Such firms will be experienced, offer a range of services, and frequently receive positive reviews. In addition to helping you design or make your own football gloves, the service provider guarantees you of a stress-free experience. It is important to have the best football equipment possible, so make sure your gloves are an important part of your football gear.

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Giordano’s in Minneapolis

Giordano’s opened this past summer in mid July, in an upcoming area called Uptown. The restaurant looks like it’s about 2,500 sq ft of sitting space for customers with more space in the back.

Giordano’s has a long history of pizza in Chicago, since the 1950’s. They are famously known for their deep dish pizza and now they are expanding into other cities.

We ended up going there recently and here are our thoughts. There was a 2 hour wait, so we put our name in and came back a few hours later when they texted me. The restaurant looks very clean and modern. They have 2 separate seating areas with a cool bar that feature a 4 screen large TV. We sat down and decided to order a chicken and sausage pizza. It took about 45 minutes for our pizza to come. Once the pizza came, we dug in and thought the pizza was amazing. It was really rich, so a few pieces in we were full.

We will definitely be coming back, the place was fantastic.

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Uber Review – Leave Your Wallet in Your Pocket or Purse

Uber is a large, large company with many, many drivers. They have seem to take over the need a car, taxi world tenfold. Which is crazy as they come across as the classy cab company, but they are cheaper more often than not.

I have used Uber about 30 times now and I think it is a great service. I haven’t had one complaint with a driver and the rides are generally nice. Even Jimmy Kimmel has been an Uber driver.

The one complaint I have would be that when scheduling to get picked up, the pin where they are suppose to pick you up could be different than the actual location you need, so that has messed the driver or myself up a few times. Now I am more aware.

Overall my experience has been good with Uber, I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a seamless ride without having to pull out their wallet.

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Dollar Shave Club Review from a Bald Guy

What is Dollar Shave Club and How did it start?

Dollar Shave Club was founded by Mark Levine and Michael Dubin.  Michael Dubin is the one featured in most of the company’s commercials.  Levine and Dubin met at a party and were frustrated with the current options in the marketplace, the company was launched in July of 2011.  Dollar Shave Club has raised a total of just under $100 million dollars of Venture backed funding, so the company has plenty to work with to grow the company.  Today, the company is worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars and according to Business Insider, the company was worth around $600 million dollars back in July.

Dollar Shave Club is Marketing Gold

dollar-shave-club-ad1In March 2012, the company launched a video entitled “Our Blades Are F***ing Great” featuring CEO Michael Dubin.  The video was responsible for over 12,000 orders in day after it was released, and has received over 20 million views as of October 2015.

Dollar Shave Club Ad Spend

While the company creates their YouTube videos for very little, they have spent a reported $5M on TV advertising over the past calendar year.  The company has promoted their products through several media outlets including social media giants, facebook and twitter.  With the funding and sales, why not right?  They constantly deliver ads against the razor giant Gillette and why shouldn’t they?  They are cheaper and might be better blades… to be continued.


The main Twitter ad that I have seen is this one to the right, this is their standard, middle razor blades for $6 and this is after you buy handle initially, which is around $4.  This is true, $18 is about the bottom line price for any of the decent Gillette razor replacements.  It is ridiculous and probably a large reason why Dubin and Levine started the company.  I have already recommended Dollar Shave Club to several others, where they give you a $5 off your next box.  It has saved me money for sure, more on that later, but this advertising and clever advertising I should say has been very powerful for the company.  There is definitely a strong ROI there and Gillette has never been challenged until now.

What are the Razor Options from Dollar Shave Club?

dollar-shave-club-razor-optionsThey have 3 options for razors(handles).  They have “The Humble Twin”, which is $1 each and is a great basic shaver.  The razor features 2 stainless steel blades, 5 cartridges per month and has a lubricating strip for those basic shaves.  This basic version is $1 a month, but ships for $2.  The second and middle option is “The 4X”, which features four blades.  I would bet that most choose this as did I when I first ordered, more on that later.  The razor comes with the 4 stainless steel blades, 4 cartridges per month and would compare to the Gillette Mach 3 blade.  The 4X is $6 a month for the replacement cartridges and ships for free.  The top blade they offer is “The Executive” and it is $9 a month for the cartridges and also ships for free.   This top of the line razor features 6 stainless steel blades, 4 cartridges per month and comes with a special trimmer edge built in for the professional.

My Review of Dollar Shave Club

Like I mentioned in the title, I have a bald head.  I do end up going through razors faster, thus the higher the cost.  I figured I would give the company a try after hearing about their marketing prowess and seeing several of their promoted ads on Twitter.  I started with the 4X version and it worked well for me at first, especially on my face.  It was a great shave and I would recommend this razor to anyone.  I had a problem though.  I ended up taking a divot out of the back of my head.  I had never done that with a Gillette razor, the Dollar Shave Club razor is heavier and it was new to me…  So I ended up upgrading to the Executive and I haven’t looked back.  The Executive is a great handle, razor and blades.  It is my current razor of choice, goes smooth on my head and is the best shave I’ve ever had.  I would recommend you go with the Executive if you have a bald head.  I shave my head every day, so I need a razor that performs and this one certainly does.  If you are bald, go with the Executive right away, it isn’t even worth trying out anything less.  It is still a huge savings from any Gillette razor and it has worked great for me.  Now, I have referred several people that are not bald and many have been happy with the 4X, so giving Dollar Shave Club a try is definitely worth your time and costs you the price of one cup of coffee a month.

Check them out today!

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