Giordano’s in Minneapolis

Giordano’s opened this past summer in mid July, in an upcoming area called Uptown. The restaurant looks like it’s about 2,500 sq ft of sitting space for customers with more space in the back.

Giordano’s has a long history of pizza in Chicago, since the 1950’s. They are famously known for their deep dish pizza and now they are expanding into other cities.

We ended up going there recently and here are our thoughts. There was a 2 hour wait, so we put our name in and came back a few hours later when they texted me. The restaurant looks very clean and modern. They have 2 separate seating areas with a cool bar that feature a 4 screen large TV. We sat down and decided to order a chicken and sausage pizza. It took about 45 minutes for our pizza to come. Once the pizza came, we dug in and thought the pizza was amazing. It was really rich, so a few pieces in we were full.

We will definitely be coming back, the place was fantastic.

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